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What is Business Consultation

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Helpful For Retailers, Wholesalers and Distributors

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Helpful for Pharma Marketing Company Related Query & Third Party Manufacturing

Coupled with expertise in pharma marketing, we offer an objective view of the situation.

I can provide expertise and an objective eye to help & guide your business

As professional business consultant, we has the expertise to analyze your business processes and identify bottlenecks or areas where efficiency can be improved.

As Business consultants comprehend the roadblocks to business growth much better than the business people themselves.

In current days companies wanting to improve their processes and reduce business expenses and we help them

As Business advisor, present objective and reliable advice on risk management based on deep understanding and extensive experience in management, technology implementation, risk management, and more.

We tailor our services to address specific client need and help businesses to achieve the goal without much risk.

  1. Save time and money.
  2. We offer concrete plan, based on research and experience so you don’t need to spend much time and money to do these research.
    1. We believe in quality work with cost effective manner.
    2. We offer our services in very reasonable price.

Benefits of Business Consultation

Who can take Business Consultation

Pharma Startups

Pharma Startups

Medicine Wholesaler

Medicine Wholesaler

Medicine Retailer

Medicine Retailer

Those Interested in Pharma Business

Those Interested in Pharma Business

One to One Consultation Over Zoom/Physical Meeting

Get more clarity about your concept and realistic approach for your planning

Rs. 499/-

Get more clarity about your concept and realistic approach for your planning

Rs. 899/-

Get more clarity about your concept and realistic approach for your planning with me at my office 10 am to 5 pm

Rs. 3000/-

Sandeep Kumar Soni

Sandeep Kumar Soni

Pharma Business Consultant & Digital Marketer

# Making Pharma Startup Profitable
# Done More than 500 consultation

Who Will Talk With You ?


Who can take consultation?

Any one who want expert advice on pharma business

As many time you need advice you can book consultation

One one booking, you can talk only one one time. for further inquiry book again with same process and consult. for small queries book 30 min call 

If small query drop message, and for more than one query, you need to book again. For short queries book 30min call.

You will get answer of all doubts and a roadmap for your business with concrete step wise plan

No issue, You can reschedule by just dropping mail or message 

First watch videos on Youtube and understand about me and my experience in pharma field. also you can visit about section to know about me. if my videos are adding value then book consultation call.

I value your time and money. In consultation, I suggest steps on behalf my best knowledge and experience. whatever challenge i feel  in market that hamper a business, I explain. rest depend on your understanding. money will not refund in this case.

share your payment slip at or drop an whatsapp message +91 9058623737